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Visa to Russia - Rules for Obtaining Russian Visa

Russian visa is an obligatory authorization for legal entry to the territory of the Russian Federation by all foreigners, excluding those whose countries have signed the Visa Waiver Agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

News 11.12.2016 We are ready to make urgent visas to Russia for the EU citizens. Terms and conditions, prices and deadlines are discussed individually with each client. Be sure to provide all the data required to obtain a visa to Russia. Welcome to Russia.

Foreigners may obtain Russian entry visas in the Embassies or Consulates of the Russian Federation at the places where they reside or stay. Invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation or an authorized tourist company is treated to be an official prove for obtaining Russian visa. Invitations for obtaining Russian Visa are issued by Russian tourist companies that are authorized by the competent authorities to issue invitations for foreigners. Russian visas may be issued for the purpose of tourism, private visit, business visit, employment, education. Russian visas may be issued in different types permitting single, two or multiple entries. Russian visas may differ in durations of stay from 7 days to 1 year. You may choose visa with conditions comfortable for you. Welcome to Russia!

Obtaining invitation for Russian visa:

  • Choose your type of Russian visa.
  • Fill in an application form specifying all information about you and your visit (on the right site of this page).
  • Receive an approval of your order from our company.
  • Pay for the invitation (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Western Union, Money Gramm, Contac-Sys).
    Choose Your Option
  • You will get an invitation by e-mail to obtain tourist visa (copy of invitation is enough for most of the countries).
  • You will get your original business invitation by post service to obtain business visa (Fedex, DHL, or any other courier services, the charge depends of the destination about 50 EUR).
Validity Number of
Visa type Issue term Price
1 month Single Tourism 1 day 14 12
1 month Two Tourism 1 day 14 12
3 months Multiple Business 15-20 days 90 80
6 months Multiple Business 15-20 days 90 80
12 months Multiple Business 15-20 days 90 80

How to order invitation:

  • Fill in an application form specifying all information about you (on the right site of this page).
  • Receive approval of your order from our company.
  • Pay for invitation (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Western Union, Money Gramm, Contac -Sys).
  • We issue an invitation.
  • We send you the invitation by e-mail or courier post service depending on your visa type after payment has been received.

Obtaining of Russian visa:

  • Apply for russian visa at the Embassy or Consulate of the Russian Federation abroad where you reside or stay.
  • Present all required documents and invitation issued by our company.
  • Pay consular fees.
  • Fill in a form to obtain visa.
  • Obtain visa of the Russian Federation.

Registration of Russian visa:

  • After you have entered Russia, you are required to follow all rules of staying provided for foreigners within the Russian Federation; any violation of the rules of the temporary registration system by the foreigners results in the administrative penalty according to the Code of Administrative Delinquencies of the Russian Federation.
  • As soon as you enter the Russian Federation, you must get registered.
  • Registration shall be made within 3 working days after your entry in the territory of Russia.
  • Registration is made upon presentation of your passport and migration card.

Visa to Russia for the EU citizens

Our company operates in the market of visa support for EU citizens since 2006. We process thirty thousand invitations to Russia per year. We cooperate with large Western companies with interests in Russia. All customers who had applied for a visa to Russia received a visa support, invitation and visa to Russia in a timely manner. One of the main directions of our work is visa support of EU citizens. European citizens travel to Russia on business, business tourism, private tourism, to visit relatives and friends. Our company makes invitations to Russia depending on the purpose of stay in the country. There are several types of invitations.

You have to select the visa type that suits your needs. If you have questions, please call our consultants, they will help you to choose the visa. You fill out the form on our website, provide all the data required for the invitation to Russia. We process the form and raise an invoice; after you pay for invitation you receive an invitation at a stated time. Turnaround time depends on type of your visa. The readiness dates of invitations are listed in the price-list on the website. Our company guarantees the authenticity and legality of the documents you receive. Type of invitation that you choose depends on the chosen type of visa.

There are several types of invitations according to which the visa for foreign citizen could be arranged. Our consultants will help you select the type of visa that suits you perfectly. Mostly we prepare tourist and business visas. You need tourist visa to Russia if you stay in Russia for a short period. The invitation is issued within one day, provided you pay for the invitation. We send you a ready voucher to e-mail, or if you want we can send it by fax. The validity of the tourist visa is one month; it can be single or double. It is necessary to write cities you want to visit. In cases of serious violation of the immigration policy of the Russian Federation, you may be deported from the country and your visa may be canceled. Do not break the immigration laws of the Russian Federation.

If you have given us incorrect passport or travel data, and we have already issued an invitation for you, you may make changes at an additional cost of 30% of the value of the voucher, your tourist invitation. Business visas are arranged for three, six, twelve months (one year), three or five years. Business visas to Russia are multiple. You get the original invitation obtained by our company in the DFMS. The turnaround times of the invitations are listed on the website. When ordering invitations for the business visa there may be a delay (up to 5 days). The competent authorities check selectively the trustworthiness of foreign nationals. Our company is not responsible for such actions; it is not in our competence.

The prices of invitation to obtain a visa to Russia are listed on our website. After the payment and receipt of the invitation, you go to the consulate for a visa at place of residence. You get a visa to Russia at the consulate of Russia.